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Worship Organizer is an Internet-based software application that helps worship planners (Music Ministers, Worship Leaders, Worship Pastors, etc.) plan, schedule, and share their services in an organized and efficient way. Worship Organizer has been designed by worship planners for worship planners, and is geared specifically towards meeting the needs of a wide variety of service and music styles.

Worship Organizer helps you plan worship by providing one place where songs, readings, past service information, people, and teams are located. As you plan new services, data about how you have planned in the past is naturally presented to reduce the time it takes to create service orders and make you a more comprehensive and long-term planner. Worship Organizer has very powerful searching capabilities, allowing you to search and sort your songs and readings by key information like Lyrics. What's more, you can search within your services to see larger trends like how often you have had solo pieces. All of your planning is integrated into a calendar, the most natural way of viewing event planning, complete with secular and sacred holidays. Lastly, since Worship Organizer is on the Internet, worship planning can be done almost anywhere, and can be done by multiple users at the same time. This means that all of the information about planning services can be passed on to new or substitute leaders easily.

Worship Organizer helps you schedule worship by assigning each service item to either individual people or to a team. Teams can be assigned a rotation schedule so that Worship Organizer knows when particular people are scheduled for a service. For example, you may have 20 people on your worship music team, but only a "band" of 6-7 play for a given service. Simply check off which people are assigned to particular services, even adding a schedule note if you want to (like "Guitar", "Leader", etc.). Perhaps one of the most useful areas of the church to apply the Worship Organizer scheduling feature is to the church nursery. When invidual users log in, they can view their pesonal schedule for the month, complete with all of their responsibilities on teams and in services. Worship planners can view the schedules of all users, allowing them to make sure they are not overextending people's commitments. As if that weren't enough, Worship Organizer will send automatic email reminders to people who have service responsibilities a few days before the service!

Worship Organizer helps you share your worship services by providing a web site for your church members, and even the public if you so desire, to log in and view past, present, and future service details (allowing them to better prepare for upcoming services) complete with song lyrics, chords, and even attached song files. Users can search and browse the church's song and reading libraries, fostering family and personal singing and meditation on worship songs. Worship Organizer can even be used to attach sermon audio and manuscript files and make them available in a searchable, sortable, and professional-looking list.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but to give you (especially if you are a bullet-point type of person) a detailed overview of some of Worship Organizer's more important features.

Worship Organizer...

Provides worship planners with a powerful, web-based framework which saves time and can help make them more effective planners
Shows all of the church's services and public meetings in an easy-to-navigate calendar, complete with holidays
Allows private services to be created, for when worship leaders have services outside of the church or that the whole church doesn't need to know about
Allows attaching of files to services (like service notes, musical arrangment guides, etc.), sermons, and songs
Has a powerful presentation engine that allows you to present on computers not connected to the Internet and supports either single-monitor or dual-monitor computers
Services orders aren't displayed until the worship planner chooses the option to "Show Order"
Supports adding presentation text to service items like announcements or sermons
Allows you to use templates or copy services items from the past when building services
Provides deep searching and sorting features for finding songs and congregational readings
Supports drag and drop ordering of service items to make building and tweaking your service orders easier
Supports assigning headings to groups of service items to create cohesion (like "Lord's Table")
Presents users with a printed service order complete with lyrics and song sheets with transposable chords for each service
Provides 10 user-defined song fields that you can assign your own names to which can be used to track almost anything about your songs
Automatically transposes chord sheets
Supports importing songs and readings from other applications
Provides a slew of extremely useful reports such as song/reading usage, people involved, and uploaded files
Allows you to download all songs or readings as a spreadsheet complete with one large presentation with every song/reading
Follows your weekly schedule to automatically create future services
Allows each service item to be assigned to a user or a team
Provides users with their own personal monthly schedule that worship planners can view
Can Automatically send email reminders, reminding people of upcoming responsibilities
Allows users to include service orders in their reminders or turn them off completely
Logs reminders and makes them available in a report
Sends reminders for users with no email address in one aggregate email to the superuser
Makes service information for past, present, and future available to people in your church or the public
Presents quick links when users first log in to the week's upcoming services
Gives users the power to search within the church's services to find songs, readings, sermon titles, or anything else that has happened in worship
Provides a sermon library where users can download and listen to sermons and can even collect contact information from listeners
Allows people to browse and use your song and reading library
Provides song files and chord charts to song team members to help prepare them for services
Has a complete sermon library complete with space for sermon audio and manuscript files and searching and browsing on speaker, date, title, or series

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