Service Templates

Create service templates to make creating similarly structured services simple.

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Use the Worship Organizer calendar to do long term service planning. Secular and sacred holidays are displayed, reminding you of important events in church history and your local community. You can even add personal or public notes to remind you and others of events that might affect your worship schedule, such as conferences

Sermon Library
Worship Organizer includes a built-in sermon library linked directly to your service order. You can attach streaming audio files and sermon notes and make them avialable to your church members and the public on a searchable, user-friendly page. You can even ask users to register before listening so that you can follow-up with listeners.

Search Songs
Your song library can be searched, sorted, and filtered by a huge array of fields including Lyrics, Author, Theme, and Rating.

Worship Organizer includes built-in presentation for computer projection. You can present songs, readings, or service item notes (like for sermons).

Team Schedules
Schedule responsibilities for ministry teams like the worship "band," nursery workers, or ushers and greeters easily. Rely on Worship Organizer's automatic email reminders to help your members remember when they are needed and scheduled. Team schedules even support notes so that you can assign roles (like which instrument to play for a band).

Personal Schedules
Each user can access their own personal schedule, displaying all of their responsibilities in services and on teams for a month. This is a handy way for each user to look at all of upcoming "duties" that they have related to worship.

Song and Reading Usage
Easily print a report of which songs or readings you have used in any time period. Simply print out and mail your report direclty to CCLI to comply with their reporting requirements!

People Involved Report
View this handy report to see all of the people who have been involved in worship by service item category. This can be very handy in making sure that planners are including a wide variety of members in the leadership of various parts of public worship.

Song Attachments
Attach files to songs and store things like audio clips, sheet music, or chord charts!

Song Details
Store a huge array of useful information about each song, even using your own user-defined fields.

Weekly Schedule
You can set up your weekly schedule of services and Worship Organizer will automatically add new services up for four months in advance

Service Templates
Create service templates to make creating similarly structured services simple.

Search in Services
Easily search within services to find out when a particular sermon, song, reading, or anything else was done.

Rely on Worship Organizer's wizards to help beginning users accomplish the most important tasks like printing a service order or navigating to the current week's service.

Personal Home Page
Use Worship Organizer's personalized home page to quickly access the most relevant services and songs.

Print Service Orders
Print a service order for any service - past, present, or future. You can even include lyrics and reading text right in the printout.

Print Chord Charts
Print chord charts or lyric sheets formatted for music leaders - even automatically transpose chords for guitar!
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